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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted

I know I am late linking up with this party but I have a good excuse I PROMISE!  I have been busy with conferences AND getting ready to host my 100+ follower giveaway.  It is going to be stay tuned! I am hoping to have it ready to go this weekend.

I am linking up with Flying into First Grade for this fun get to know you linky party!  This weeks rules are share 3 things about yourself using your initials.  My initials are SMG so here are my 3 things!

S is for Sunshine!!! Can you tell I live in Wisconsin, and it has been really cloudy and snowy here lately! I am sooooo ready for summer, I would even settle for spring!

M is for  Movies!  I love to watch them, when I have time, which is mainly in the summer! My favorites right now, (I'm kind of afraid to admit) are the Twilight movies....all of them! There I said it, I feel better now!

G is for Garden! I love to spend time in my garden in the summer (are you sensing the summer theme in this post?). My hubby always complains that I like to plant the garden but then he is the one who ends up watering and weeding it (this may or may not be true...I plead the 5th!). 

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! 

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  1. I feel you on the sunshine girl! I am SO--- ready for summer and sunshine. I am over all this snow and cold weather here in Canada. Congrats on reaching over 100 followers! Super exciting!!! If you need a TPT product or anything for your giveaway let me know. I'd be happy to help :)

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