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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom DIY

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been absent for sooooo long, the summer has been a roller coaster around here and it left me totally uninspired! But now with school getting ready to start I think I am starting to get my groove least I hope! 

So I thought I would start with some of the projects I have been working on in my classroom lately. 

I had this red bookshelf  and it just didn't go with my classroom color scheme, which is black and white with teal, lime green and purple accents. So I thought hmmm...why not get some chalkboard paint!

 And voila much better already! It took 2 coats to cover the red.

When it was dry I added all of my writing center containers.

 And last but not least I added chalk of course!

I only bought one small container of chalkboard paint from Home Depot. It was only $10! I looked at Michaels and they had the same container for $20!?! I had about half of it left after this shelf. Now I can't stop looking for more things in my room to paint!  So stay tuned for lots more classroom DIY!

I have also been busy setting up a Facebook page to go along with my blog. I would love it if you would like my page. I am working on adding a fan freebie tab where I will be posting lots of freebies for my Facebook fans!