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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Ughh I am late to the Currently party again, but better late than never I hope!  If you haven't already head on over to Farley's blog and link up, it is a fun one! My goal for next month is to make it on time! 

So here goes....
Listening - my own kiddo are watch some of Despicable Me before bed (I love that movie), so that is playing in the background.  OK so now that I am actually finishing this the kiddos are long in bed and I am listening to The Bible series on History...but I am too lazy to go back and change it.

Loving - I am getting ready for conferences next week so I have been redoing some running records on my lowest readers....and I am sooooo happy with how well they are doing! Some of them still have some work to do on comprehension but we will get there!

Thinking - I am going to be busy busy at work this week doing the Dr. stuff and testing for conferences. And of course it is also a super busy week with stuff after school.  A meeting on Monday about the human growth and development curriculum for my son's 4th grade class, a doctor's appointment for me Wednesday, and Thursday a big family night at my school and a big family night at my kiddos school (of course they are on the same night at the same time!)

Wanting - I really want to get to work on some ideas I have for spring for my classroom and TpT I just can't seem to squeeze it in right now!

Needing -  I am in charge of my teams 2 week fairy tale unit that we are doing right after spring I need to get my backside in gear and find and make some good stuff for us.  If you know of anything good I would love to hear about it!

Like - I like the sand and can't wait for our trip to Florida at the end of the month!
Love - The was actually out today and even though it wasn't that warm it still felt like a taste of spring.
Hate - The snow...I am really tired of the snow and cold and driving in it. I really hope it doesn't snow this week like they say it is going to!

Hope everyone has a great week!  I am hoping to have time to post some pics of our Dr. You Know Who stuff this week. I am also starting to get excited about getting to 100 I am starting to think about organizing a giveaway.  Stay tuned for details!!


  1. Julie Lee over at has a Fairy Tale activity unit! She makes great stuff.

    I can relate to the busy schedule! Seems like everything always piles up at once! Good luck!


    1. Thanks for the suggestion I will check it out!

  2. I'm so with you on HATING snow! I'm so ready for spring! I also watched the Bible premiere! It was really cool- i'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

    The Gypsy Teacher

  3. I LOVE Despicable Me, so cute :) Isn't it awesome when your kids just get it?! It's like a switch, at some point they just turn into almost-first graders! That is the best! I loooooove Fairy Tales! SO much fun. Let me know if you find some good stuff :)


  4. Hope you had fun! Just saw that you're linked up to Wisconsin! I'm planning a blogger meet up this summer and will add you to my list. We're neighbors!


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. Yay!! I was thinking of planning one as well! Can't wait!

  5. I am right there with you on your like, love, hate! Except I'm not going to Florida anytime soon! I'm so done with winter and cold and so ready for sunshine and warmth!

    My Kinder-Garden

    1. I know I don't want to see one more snowflake!

  6. I love your blog - I'm following!

    Glad I stopped by, I love teaching Fairy Tales! Have you selected any to focus on? My team incorporates fables/tales throughout units (Food/Thanksgiving, we taught Stone Soup), but 3 Bears is fun. So is Gingerbread if you didn't do that in Dec. - there are so many variations of those.

    Cinderella is a good one too, lots of books for Korean/Japanese/African/French/Native American versions. The Talking Eggs is a good fairytale to read with a Cinderella study too.

    Lon Po Po & LRRH are fun to do.

    Jack & the Beanstalk can incorporate some science (plant growth) & measuring for math.

    The topics are endless, I guess it depends on what tales you want to target! I hope I gave you some ideas & didn't overwhelm you!! Happy planning :0)!