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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently and Freebie

I know I am a little late linking up for the Farley for the February Currently, but today was CRAZY!!!  It was my son's last pinewood derby race and my hubby has been OBSESSED with learning how to build the best car (no really he has spent 100's of hours researching, prototyping, and networking).  Then he also helped some other boys in his den with their cars so he was STRESSED out about them all doing well.  Luckily everyone did great but it was a LOOOONG day!
But anyway here is my currently!  I am the only one left up so I have control of the t.v. (which never happens)! I should be doing report cards but I keep putting them off!! Actually I just have comments left to do.  I will have to finish those tomorrow after I am done shopping the big TpT sale! And my pet peeve is all about people leaving stuff out for other to clean up, whether it is my students, my kids, my hubby it seems to happen all the time!!

I am also late linking up with Freebielicious for Fabulicious Freebies on the First, but I wanted to share our fun Pirate freebies from our Pirate unit last week, there are 2 of them! 

 We really want to do an art project but didn't want to do people pirates so we decided to do Owl Pirates instead!  We made them as a glyph and the kids loved them! You can click on the picture below to take you to the google doc with the patterns for the Owl Pirate.  You can either copy them onto construction paper or make tracers. If you want to see more pics of these owls I blogged about them here.

I also created a Pirate Story Map to use with my kiddos this week.  You can pick any pirate story to use it with.  We used it after we read How I Became a Pirate.  We also got to see the play How I Became a Pirate at a local theater on Friday.  It was great (as long as we don't talk about the student who was fooling around in his chair and fell off and hit his head on the chair in front of him, who was occupied by a parent chaperone of course!)! Click on the picture below to grab your copy of the glyph we used to make the owl pictured above and the Pirate Story Map.  Hope you can use them!


  1. I enjoyed checking out your blog, I totally agree that an additional day off is much needed...mostly to catch up!


  2. Just stopping by to check out your February Currently! I'm needing a snow day too...since we haven't had any this winter!!! I'm your newest follower. Drop by when you get a chance!

    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  3. I love your Owl Pirates! They are adorable! Fingers crossed for your snow day!

    Craft of Teaching

  4. Sarah, those pirate owls are adorable! Good work!
    Lattes and Laughter

  5. Good luck getting your report cards done! I would absolutely LOVE a snow day!! We haven't had one in a few years! It has to be pretty bad for us to get one!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  6. Thanks for the comment on our blog. Negativity is such a downer so it's an easy one to pick. Although I do not like cleaning up after other people, so that is a good one also. I laughed when I read that you were tired of the snow but would love a snow day. That is so how I work. I am so over the cold weather and snow but would LOVE a day off. lol

  7. That pirate owl is so cute. I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess